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Fringed Pinks Mix Dianthus Seeds bin260C

Fringed Pinks Mix Dianthus Seeds
Petals of this highly fragrant fringed perennial/biennial flower have beautiful colors ranging from pink, to white or lilac. 
Performs best in cooler areas with well-draining soil, with bloom time mid-June to August. A steady blooming companion to the fragrant garden. It may be easy to assume that this lovely, classic garden flower is named for its signature color, but in fact, the color is named for this lovely bloom! Originally named "Pink" in reference to its notched or fringed petals, the bloom's distinctive shades helped contribute to the definition of the color.
Easy to grow and sow, this wild looking bloom is just as at home in your cutting garden, your flower bed or wildflower meadow!
Sow seed outdoors after the last expected frost, planting it just below the surface and gently compacting the soil. To start the seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring, sow just below the surface of a flat or starter tray, tamp the soil gently and keep it consistently moist. Keep the temperature at 60-70 degrees F until germination, which should take place within 14-20 days.