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French Marigold Mix Seeds C326

French Marigold Sparky Mix seeds
This French marigold mix is a sun loving, easy to grow mix of double flowers in bright colors. 
Excellent for hanging baskets, mass bedding displays or as a rockery plant. This variety of French Marigold bears a profusion of 'crested' type flowers on a plant that is 10" in height. The flowers range in color from yellows to reds. Regular dead heading encourages further Flower production and lengthens the flowering period.
  • Ideal for edging, borders and hanging baskets
  • Bright color range
  • Loves the sun
  • Easy to grow
 Direct sow in spring, planting just below the surface of the soil. Keep the soil lightly moist until germination. This plant can also be started indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost of spring; these seeds germinate best in high humidity and temperatures around 70 degrees F. Germination usually occurs within 5-10 days.