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Freckles Romaine Lettuce - Microgreens or Garden C145

Heat tolerant, gorgeous tasty Romaine

This Romaine lettuce has green leaves splashed with red. The red darkens as the lettuce matures. Freckles is an heirloom which is tender and long standing. It makes a 

beautiful addition to any salad!

You can begin harvesting outer leaves as soon as they are large enough and continue until a central stalk begins to form, which signals the end of the harvest period. You can also harvest the entire plant when it's mature but still young and crisp.
Traditionally the whole plant is cut off at the base. If you leave a few leaves on the stem, rather than cutting at actual ground level, the head will be cleaner. 


Seed Depth Soil Temp. for Germination Days to Germination
1/4 to 1/2" 70 F to 85 F 7 to 10 days
USDA Hardiness Zone Seed Spacing Row Spacing
N/A 1" 18"