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Forget Me Not Seeds bin254

Forget Me Not Seeds.
A beautiful blue clumping and bedding flower, often planted among tubers and bulbs for stunning garden displays!



Forget-me-nots are so beautiful and easy to grow that it is no surprise to see them so often in local gardens. For about a month in spring, their low mounds of fresh, green, thumb-shaped leaves send up 6- to 12-inch-tall stalks bearing blue. The flowers are each only about 1/4 inch across, but there are lots of them. From a short distance they look like small puffs of soft color, wafting through the garden. Once you have forget-me-nots in your garden, you're likely to always have them. They seed themselves in the shady, moist places that suit them best. Starting with a dozen or so plants, you can have all the forget-me-nots you want within a few years.
Forget-me-nots prefer cool weather and moist soil. They grow best in lightly shaded areas, but in wet soil they can take full sun. In hot-summer climates, they need shade and extra moisture to survive. 
Forget-me-nots are easy to start from seeds. Just scatter seeds in a shady garden area at the end of summer. The seedlings will have plenty of time to settle in before winter. You can also start seeds indoors. In spring, sow the seeds on the surface of moistened potting soil and keep the temperature about 65 degrees F. Once the plants are big enough to handle, acclimate them slowly to life in the outdoors before transplanting them into the garden. If you start seeds indoors in early spring, you may have flowers by fall; spring-sown plants that don't flower the first year will overwinter and bloom the following spring. 

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