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Dry Area Wildflower Mix Seeds BST1

This Dry Area Wildflower Mix is perfect for all dry areas of the United States! 19 Varieties!

Seed coverage: 150-170 seeds a square foot.

Some of the seeds in this mix are TINY. Please be aware that the smallest seeds will settle to the bottom of the packet. All counts allow for extra seeds

With 60% annuals and 40% perennials, this seed mix will transform your full sun, baked earth areas into a haven for butterflies and bees.

Wildflower mixes should be planted in spring, or late fall for the following season.

For most temperate regions of the United States, spring planting is best carried out within a month or so after the final frost of the winter season. The exact date will naturally vary based on your region and the severity of the winter season. Do not be impatient and plant the seeds  before last frost; if seeds are sown prior to a late-season frost, they will not germinate for the season and will need to planted again. Lightly till/cultivate to a depth of 2-4". Smooth the soil, spread the seeds, cover with a very thin layer (just enough to cover the seeds, and keep them covered through rain) of fine grit. Keep watered. Germination can take up to 6 weeks for some of these varieties, so be patient. Once the seeds have germinated, the plants can take a staggering amount of neglect. Avoid fertilizing unless you have nutritionless soil. Avoid using a heat mat when germinationg indoors. 70-75 degrees will suffice. Easy grow.


Bachelor Button/Cornflower

Siberian Wallflower

Plains Coreopsis


Sulphur Cosmos

African Daisy

California Poppy


Indian Blanket

Baby's Breath

Spurred Snapdragon

Blue Flax

Red Poppy (Corn Poppy)

Red Poppy (Shirley Poppy)

Mexican Hat

Black Eyed Susan