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Cucumber White Wonder Seeds bin142

White Wonder Cucumber Seeds
Homeowners are constantly on the look-out for something different to add to their gardens. 
This may be why so many gardeners are turning back to heirloom plants. These old-fashioned varieties were bred for specific traits that suited isolated groups of growers, be it specific colors, foliage, fruit size or any number of other characteristics. The "White Wonder" cucumber is one of these slowly developed heirloom plants, boasting a bright white cucumber hiding beneath dark green foliage.

Start seeds early in peat pots or plant them directly. Start them indoors about 2 weeks before last expected frost, placing 3-4 seeds 1/2" deep in the pot. Keep the air temperature at least 80 degrees F. When two or three leaves appear on each plant, cut off all but the strongest plant with a scissors. Before planting them, "harden" the seedlings by setting them outside during the day. They should be planted no sooner than a week after the last spring frost.