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Cucumber Armenian Green Yard Long Seeds bin319

Armenian Cucumber Seeds
This green burpless, mild tasting giant cuke doesn't need to be peeled! A great southern grower.
Also known as snake melon, serpent and yard long cucumber. This variety is green and spineless. Fruits are crisp, mild and sweet flavored and can grow to 2 feet! Fruits taste the best when harvested at 18" or a little smaller. It is a burpless cucumber and its thin skin does not require peeling. Very heat tolerant. The elongated fruits yield uniform, easily digestible, fluted slices. Best grown on a trellis to produce straight and long cukes. 
Direct sow seeds in the garden 1/2" deep after danger of frost has passed. Plant 3 seeds per mound, 12" apart. Fruits stay straighter when grown on a trellis or climbing structure. 




Image Credit Flickr Creative Commons - David Hall - https://www.flickr.com/photos/moonhouse/