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Cosmos Picotee Seeds bin89

Picotee Cosmos Seeds!

 Picotee Cosmos are annuals, grown for their showy flowers. 

The flowerheads may be bowl– or open cup–shaped and are atop of long stems. The petals have a sharply contrasting pink to white color. Cosmos are easy to grow and make good border or container plants. They make for good decorations in flower arrangements and also attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden.

 Plant seeds in moist, well-drained soil about 1/4-inch deep and 12–18 inches apart after the danger of frost has passed. You can also plant transplants instead of seeds. They also like soil that is not too rich. They can tolerate warm, dry weather. If you are growing cosmos from seeds, be mindful that it takes about 7 weeks to first bloom. After that, though, your flowers should continue to bloom until the next frost.

 Plant seeds 1/4" or a tiny bit deeper after danger of frost has passed, keep watered until germination occurs, 7-14 dayss.


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