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Corona AG 4930 Tempered Steel, Long Straight Snip (1 Long Straight Snip)

LONG, STRAIGHT, POINTED BLADE: Works for a wide range of applications including small branches, flowers, and vegetables UNOBTRUSIVE LEATHER STRAP LOCK: Keeps the blades closed for safety when not in use. CORROSION-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Prevents rusting and is easier to clean while reducing germ build-up. STAINLESS STEEL BLADES FOR DURABILITY: Tool will stay sharp season after season. Pruner Type: Straight Needle Nose Handle Material: High Stainless Steel Fully Hardened, Precision-Ground Stainless Steel Blades Stay Sharp, Even Though Heavy Use Ergonomically Designed Non-Slip Handles Are Strong, Lightweight, and Comfortable. Polished Coating Ensures Long-Lasting Sharpness and Effortless Cuts. Provides Anti-Rush Oxidation Effect, Water Resistance and Less Oiling Maintenance. Ideal use is for Deadheading, Trimming, Shaping and Other Quick Snips on Small Plants. In Order to Reduce to Eye’s Injury, Please Wear Safety Glasses. Please Put the Pruning Snips Out of Reach If Children. After use, please wipe the blades off and oil the blades, it will keep the shears well maintained.