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Corn Wampum Seeds - Ornamental Indian Corn binM6


Mini ornamental corn matures in late summer through the fall.



Mini ornamental corn is technically a grass that is part of the species, Zea mays. There are many varieties of mini ornamental corn such as: Little Indian and Wampum. Today corn is categorized by kernel or endosperm type into six main varieties: pop, flour, dent, waxy, sweet and flint. Mini ornamental corn is a type of flint corn, a name which comes from its hard as stone exterior.

 Beautiful fall decorations are made from mini ornamental corn. Mix with ornamental gourds, bundles of hay or miniature pumpkins for a blend of seasonal items. Some types of mini ornamental corn can be removed from the husk and popped like traditional popcorn or ground down to make corn meal. 


Native to Mexico and the Americas, mini ornamental corn made its way first to Europe then around the globe via explorers and traders. Mini ornamental corn grown at home can generally be harvested in early fall. Once the husk begins to dry, the ears can be harvested however they should be left to dry for another full week before use. 
Germination: Soil temp, after last frost, 60 degrees F, plant corn 1" deep and 8-12" apart. Planting in blocks  ensures good pollination. Germination  5-9 days.


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