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Chioggia Beet Seeds - Microgreens or Garden bin9

Beautiful and earthy Chioggia Beet seeds!
The Chioggia Beet is named after a coastal town in Northern Italy.  
It is a fast growing variety, ready for harvest in just 55-60 days.  Its roots are marketed as mild and tender, with interior flesh of alternating rings of pink and white.  Many gardeners have remarked on its resemblance to the stripes on a candy cane, once sliced open.  The Chioggia Beet has been available in America since the late 1840s.
Description/Taste: Chioggia beets are made of of entirely edible roots, stems and leaves. ... Chioggia beets inherently contain the highest content of geosmin, an organic compound which gives them a deep earthy flavor and aroma.
Early Flat Bassano
Turnip-Rooted Bassano
Extra Early
Rogue Plate de Bassano
Days to Harvest: 55-60
Diameter: 6-7 inches 
Appearance: Pinkish-red exterior, with flesh of alternating rings of pink and white
Chioggia Beet Germination: Plant a full month before the last expected frost. Presoak seeds for two hours before planting to soften the hard seed coat and speed germination. Direct sow in full sun and well drained soil, placing the seeds 1/2" deep and 2-4" apart in rows 1-2' apart.

Image Credit Flickr Creative Commons - Michael Thompson - https://www.flickr.com/photos/mtthompson/