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Chicory Seeds - Seeds may be treated - B207

Chicory Seeds - Cichorium intybus
Seeds may be treated
This is a plant of many uses, including:
Beautiful light blue perennial wildflowers, deer plots, livestock fodder or pasture plant, tea, medicinal or homeopathic, coffee substitute, microgreens and more.  If you are a sustainable living enthusiast, this plant is worth investigating.

How to Grow Chicory and Step by Step Guides to Chicory growing

1. Arrange the soil. Chicory can live or grow within well drained land where is fertile with nutrients. However, the Chicory plant will grow inside other soils when they are improved with organic fertilizers and a lot of compost manure.

2. Spread the plant/seeds 9 inches to 1.5 foot apart with 1/4" inches deep. Try to grow this plant/seed in early spring until summer for the period of one month following the final frost.

3. Expect the plant/seeds to sprout and separate seedlings to have them grown up over 8 inches apart. The sprouting time for Chicory growth is from  to 4 weeks.

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