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Cactus Garden Mix
Cactus Garden Mix is Every variety that you need for a diverse cactus xeriscape including: Cereus, Golden Barrel, Parodia, Hedgehogs, Mammillarias, Melocactus, Notocactus, Opuntias, Organ pipes, Ferocactus, Gymnocalycium, Trichocereus, Saguaro, etc.
Cactus Germinating instructions:

Cactus mix: ½ fine sphagnum,  ¼ vermiculite, ¼ perlite.

Plant in small 4 or 5” pots.

Moisten soil well.

Gently rub seeds across medium/fine sandpaper to weaken the shell (scarify) to increase germination success. Plant 5-10 seeds on top of soil per pot. Barely cover seeds with sand or grit. Place in indirect sunlight, or, in warmer climes, dappled sunlight. Seal with transparent material, leaving plenty of overhead breathing space for the plantlets. Keep soil moist, but not saturated.  Soil temperature should be 72-90 degrees. Germination time is 7 days-4 months, so patience is rewarded.

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