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List of Over 45 Butterfly Attracting Flower Seed Varieties and Mixes

If you already have a butterfly garden, or are looking to start one, this the one stop list.
The comprehensive collection of butterfly attracting seed varieties!

Butterfly Flowers!  

African Daisy 450 seeds

Alyssum Dwarf Pink 50 seeds

Alyssum Royal Carpet 2000 seeds

Alyssum Tall White 2000 seeds

Bergamot Wild 1000 seeds

Black Eyed Susan 1200 seeds

Black Eyed Susan Vine 40 seeds

Blanket Flower 200 seeds

Butterfly Weed 100 seeds

Calendula Fiesta Gitana 100 seeds

Camilia Balsam Mix 150 seeds

Cardinal Flower 100 seeds

Catnip 700 seeds

Chives 500 seeds

Coneflower Purple 200 seeds

Cosmos "Picotee" 280 seeds

Daisy Painted 400 seeds

Dill Bouquet 650 seeds

Fennel Florence 400 seeds

Flax Scarlet 250 seeds

Hyssop Anise 600 seeds

Imperialis Mix Swt Sultan 100 seeds

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott 100 seeds

Morning Glory Scarlet O'hara 40 seeds

Lavender Vera 100 seeds

Lobelia Great Blue 1000 seeds

Lupine Russell 200 seeds

Milkweed Common 50 seeds

Milkweed Spider 10 seeds

Milkweed Swamp 50 seeds

Milkweed Whorled 50 seeds

Oregano Vulgare 500 seeds

Petunia Dwarf Mix 500 seeds

Phlox Mixed Colors 200 seeds

Poppy Red 1500 seeds

Salvia Scarlet Sage 200 seeds

Snapdragon Tetra Mix 500 seeds

Sunflower Teddy Bear 40 seeds

Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix 25 seeds

Verbena Moss 500 seeds

Yarrow Red 2000 seeds

Yarrow White 500 seeds

Zinnia California Gnt Mix 150 seeds

Zinnia Lilliput Mix 200 seeds


General Seed Germination Wisdom: 
As a common gardening rule, do not plant seeds any seed deeper than twice their diameter. Too many websites quote the standard 1/4" deep planting depth, but a more precise approach can yield very different germination results. This general knowledge will enable you to plant seeds without needing to look up germination methods for every variety of seed in stock.

In general, seeds should be planted at a depth of two times the width of the seed. For example, if you have a seed that's about 1/16 inch thick, it should be planted about 1/8 inch deep. Large bean seeds, which can be up to1/2 inch wide, may need to be planted an inch deep.
For tiny seeds, place them on the surface of the soil and barely cover them with soil or vermiculite.
Don't compress the soil atop the seeds as you plant them. The soil should be firm but not compacted. Always keep soil moist until sprouts emerge. Most herb seed varieties will germinate well in soil temperature ranges of 70-80 degress.