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Burning Bush Seeds B235

Burning Bush Seeds - Stunning fall color - Unique and rare 

Kochia Trichophylla

Ornamental, upright, shrubby plant produces feathery green foliage that turns an intense red during late summer and early fall. Often used as an informal hedge, or good as a container plant.

  • Zones 3 - 11
  • 28 inches high.
  • Sow 10 seeds per hill, surface sow and gently tamp, keep soil moist until germination, 2-4 weeks.

Plant is frost tender, will self-seed, and if protected will survive down to zone 6.

Treat as a perennial- it tends to grow best over several years (approx 3 years and greater). Burning Bush is known for growing with a bushy habit to a height of approximately 2 ft. This plant tends to bloom in early autumn.

Being a fairly low maintenance plant, Burning Bush is normally quite easy to grow provided a minimum level of care is given throughout the year. It will be helpful to note the correct soil, sun and water needs of this plant to ensure that this plant thrives.