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Buck Forage Plot Mix Seeds with Ladino, Crimson & Apache Clover + Alfalfa bin13C

Burly Buck Blend Plot Seeds for Plot Planting
This exclusive clover mixture was designed to be a long- lasting, high protein blend of perennial and easy self seeding annual clovers with alfalfa to produce highly nutritious forage throughout the season.  
Burly Buck Blend will thrive where most others won't, even under heavy foraging.  Our  mix is cold tolerant and will surely draw the deer in for years to come with only 1 application, followed up with proper fertilization and maintenance.Designed to last for 4 years.
This Buck Forage blend is designed to grow bigger bucks and attract larger deer.  This mix provides on average 25-30% crude protein which equals bigger bucks, a healthier herd and more offspring.  For a herd to thrive and survive, bucks, doe and fawn alike all require high protein nutrition year around.  
Mixture Contains:
•    30% Crimson Clover
•    30% Ladino Grazing Clover
•    30% Arrowleaf Clover
•    10% Alfalfa
Planting Rate: 10-15 lbs. per acre
Planting Time: Spring or Fall
pH: 5.5 - 7.5
Fertilizer: 10-10-10 300 lbs per acre
Seed Depth: 1/4 inch
Inoculant: Pre- Inoculated
*Mix has been Scarified and Pre-Inoculated*