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Bloodflower Milkweed Butterfly Weed #212

Bloodflower Seeds - Asclepias curassavica
Blood flower is a tender evergreen perennial in the dogbane and milkweed family.

It is native to South America, but has naturalized worldwide in many tropical and subtropical areas. It has a much longer flowering period than the perennial milkweeds that are winter hardy in zone 7 and colder. It typically grows as a subshrub to 2-3’ tall on upright stems clad with pointed, opposite, lanceolate leaves (to 6” long). Leaves are medium green sometimes with white midribs. Showy flowers with five sepals and five lobes appear in rounded axillary clusters (cymes) in late spring to early summer. Flowers are red-orange with yellow hoods. Flowering continues throughout the summer to early autumn. Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees are attracted to the flowers.

Sow seeds 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last expected frost, at a depth of 1/16” or a tiny bit deeper" under topsoil. The seeds will need light to germinate, so do not bury too deeply. Transplant or direct sow outdoors when  danger of frost has passed.