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Black Seed Yardlong Bean B159

Black Seed Yardlong Bean Seeds

Dark green pods with purple red end tip and black beans are 18-24 inches long, round and straight, very meaty with firm texture that are well flavored. This variety is suitable for growing in tropical areas, adapting to heat and rain very well. The plant is later maturing and high yielding, very popular in Taiwan, Southern China and Suthern Asia.

This plant loves deep south heat.


Yardlong Bean, also called Chinese Long Bean, is a vigorous climbing annual and the plant begins to produce long pods 60 days after sowing. The pods hang in pairs that should be picked for vegetable uses before matured. Yardlong Bean is a subtropical/tropical plant and is widely grown in Southeastern Asia, Thailand and Southern China. It is a very interesting plant to grow - you almost need to check/harvest long beans everyday because they grow very quick in warm climates. It is, however, sensitive to the temperature and grows relatively slow in mild/cold environments. Like to grow common beans, it is recommended to rotate the planting locations every year for getting the best results - do not repeat planting at the same spots within 3-4 years. Edible pods are very crisp, tender and delicious. Long beans are cut into shorter sections and cooked like common green beans. There are many varieties grown in the Orient and they are generally identified by the color of the matured seeds.

Plant seeds when daytime temps are consistently above 75 degrees. Even in the deep south, it is best to plant after May 1st. Seed depth: 1/2" - 1" Plant in trellised rows 28" apart, 2 beans per hill, every 4-6". Keep well watered during the germination process.

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