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Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds bin35C

Black Beauty Eggplant Seeds    
Fruit size: Up to 8 inches longMatures: 80 daysPlant spacing: 24 to 36 inches apartPlant size: 3 to 4 feet tallLight: full sunPlanting Time: Warm Season Sowing Method: Direct Sow Planting Depth: 1/4" Tender, tasty purplish-black fruits are great in a variety of dishes. Excellent breaded or fried. Eggplants love warm weather but are damaged by cold. Plants produce 4 to 6 large fruit, or more if kept harvested and well watered. Fruit makes a good "boat" for stuffing. For best quality, harvest before its glossy, dark skin begins fading to dull purple. To determine ripeness, just remember that skin color and tone (glossy versus dull) is more important than size of the fruit. Easy to grow. Keeps well.



Start inside about 6 weeks before last frost date (or about 8 weeks before expected transplanting). Can be sown directly outside in hardiness zones 8a and above. Plant 1/4 inch deep in flats or cell-type containers. Keep soil warm (about 80 F to 90 F if possible) until emergence. Eggplant will not germinate in cool soil.

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