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Broad Windsor Heirloom Fava Bean Seeds binC14

Giant Fava Bean Seeds! Very productive, huge beans!

VERY COLD HARDY, Hardiness Zones 3-8. EASY to grow. Will grow in hardiness zones higher than 8, but not very well in the deep south. Look up how well this has been grown in your area in the past.


Broad beans are a member of the pea family, and are one of the oldest known cultivated plants. Broad beans are also known many other names: fava beans, Windsor beans, faba bean, and horse beans. We have tried to grow these in central Florida several times, starting the seeds at differing times from fall to spring with little to no success. They do not like excessive humidity or heat.



Vicia faba 
Family: Fabaceae






Season & Zone

Season: Cool season
Exposure: Full sun
Zone: Hardy from Zone 3 to 11



Direct sow October/November in mild winter areas. Direct sow February to May in other areas. Tall, soft plants won't withstand winter well. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 10-21°C (50-70°F).



Sow seed 5cm (1-2") deep, 15cm (6") apart in double rows 23cm (9") apart. Germination takes 10-14 days, depending on conditions.



Ideal pH: 6.0-6.5. Enrich the soil with compost prior to planting. Keep overwintered plants weeded. Provide stakes or strings between rows to stop plants from falling over.



Pick when the pods appear plump and begin to droop from the weight of the seeds. Shell (like peas) and cook or use in soup. For dried beans, wait until the pods start to shrivel. Caution: some people are highly allergic to broad beans.


Seed Info

 Usual seed life: 2-3 years. Per 100' row: 450 seeds.



Companion Planting

Excellent for fixing nitrogen in the soil. Avoid planting broad beans near onions.


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