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Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds for Sprouting, Microgreens or Garden Growing Bin197C

Red Garnet Amaranth Sprouts have a more subtle, earthy flavor than some, more pungent, microgreens.

These greens are packed with vitamin K1, as a matter of fact, Amaranth microgreens have more of this vitamin than any other microgreen. For bulk orders over 5 LB, contact us for great deals.     

Outdoor Planting: To plant amaranth seeds, place about 1 inch of potting soil on the bottom of the pot or container, and flatten it out (without mashing it) with your hand. Then, sprinkle a thin layer of seeds over the soil, and press them gently in. Cover the seeds with a light layer of top soil, and spray the surface lightly with a plant mister. Instead of misting, you can cover the seeds with a layer of plastic wrap, which you leave on throughout germination.

Sprouting: The germination process takes a few days and can be done at home manually, as a semi-automated process, or industrially on a large scale for commercial use.

Typically the seeds are first rinsed to remove soil and dirt and the mucilaginous substances produced by some seeds when they come in contact with water. Then they are soaked for 20 minutes to 12 hours, depending on the type and size of seed. The soaking increases the water content in the seeds and brings them out of quiescence. After draining and then rinsing seeds at regular intervals they germinate, or sprout. For home sprouting, the seeds are soaked (big seeds) or moistened (small), then left at room temperature (13 to 21 °C or 55 to 70 °F) in a sprouting vessel. Many different types of vessels can be used. One type is a simple glass jar with a piece of cloth or nylon window screen secured over its rim. "Tiered" clear plastic sprouters are commercially available, allowing a number of "crops" to be grown simultaneously. By staggering sowings, a constant supply of young sprouts can be ensured. Any vessel used for sprouting must allow water to drain from it, because sprouts that sit in water will rot quickly. The seeds swell, may stick to the sides of the jar, and begin germinating within a day or two. Mist the soil twice a day lightly until the sprouts appear, which should be in about a week. If you are using plastic wrap, be sure to remove it after the seeds have sprouted. Once the seeds are up, keep misting the plants twice a day.


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