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6 Giant Elephant Ear Live Plants 5" Length Xanthosoma sagittifolium

The plants will be shipped bare corm, without leaves. Please look at the last picture to see examples of plants, both before and after the plants are fully trimmed to 5+" lengths. Very easy to grow, and in zones 9 and up, these plants grow rapidly.  You won't find this cultivar at Lowes or Home depot. Thanks for your patronage!


W live in Florida, where the Arrow Leaf Elephant Ear is common, and it is one of our personal  favorites. It is an edible plant, that is easy to grow (keep the corms moist and give it compost), and can be utilized as a bountiful food source, with necessary research. We have not eaten any yet, as I like them for aesthetic purposes, but it is good to know that the food is there if it's ever needed.


W have found these plants to grow best dappled sunlight, with direct am sun, but with regular watering, Arrowleaf grows very well in full sun. This is a huge Elephant ear, reaching 7' 




plus. Provides lush canopy for smaller, shade-loving plants. 



 Corms will be shipped with tracking, first class, through USPS. Plants arrive with no leaves. If we sent them with big leaves, the entire plant would be much smaller. Bigger corms=bigger plants=much bigger leaves during the growing season. 


Arrow Leaf Elephant Ear, Xanthosoma sagittifolium