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Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Flower Vine Untreated Seeds C277

Heavenly Blue morning Glory Seeds
Beautiful fragrant blue flowers.
Heavenly Blue morning glories are fast-growing vines that produce large, fragrant flowers.
Once established, they will tolerate almost any soil. Before planting outdoors, be prepared to fight the morning glory away from the rest of your garden. These beautiful plants can become an aggressive weed if left unchecked.
Plant seeds after the last frost. If planting outdoors, wait until the last frost has passed and the soil has begun to warm. If you'd like to start the morning glories indoors, plan on starting 4–6 weeks before the last frost. 
Scratch or soak the seeds (optional). Some morning glory seeds are too hard to germinate quickly without help. Most growers either nick the seed with a nail file, orsoak the seed overnight in room temperature water, in order to increase the odds of success.
Select a permanent growing container or garden spot. Morning glories react poorly to transplanting, so it's best to pick one location and stick to it. If planting in an outdoor container, choose one at least 2 ft (0.6m) wide and 1.5 ft (0.45m) high. Plants started indoors are more likely to survive to adulthood.
Prepare a well-draining soil. Adult morning glories are very tolerant of poor soil conditions, but the seeds need a well-draining growing medium. To achieve this, mix 1 part perlite with 3 parts soil, or mix 1 part salt-free sand with 2 parts soil. Do not mix sand with clay-heavy soil. There's no need to grow these in extra-rich, fertile soil. Rich soil can even lead to fewer flowers in some morning glories, especially "Heavenly Blue" and other Ipomoea tricolor varieties.


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