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Cat Grass Oat Seeds binC22

Cat grass
Cats absolutely love cat grass. It's a special treat for them -  keep it around the house and your cats will be entertained and happy! 
Stock up on seed with confidence, as oat seeds will remain viable for years of kept in a cool, dry, dark spot.
Cat grass/oat is cheap and easy to grow! It'll take about 2 weeks to get it to a good height, but after that, it's a grass eating free-for-all!

Step 1: What you need:

  • a small pot to grow in
  • organic potting soil
  • cat grass seeds
  • plastic wrap
  • water
Organic potting soil is important because your kitties are going to be eating this and probably digging around in it when you're not looking. Avoid potting soils with lots of fertilizer in them - the cat grass doesn't need it anyway since it won't last long. :)

Step 2: Planting

Fill your pot with soil, stopping 1-2 inches from the top. Scatter a handful of cat grass seed over the top of this - I like to do one thin, even layer.

Then add a couple of handfuls of soil over the top so the seeds are covered with about 1/4 inch of soil.

Step 3: Water and cover

Water the seeds with 1/2 cup of water or so - you want the soil to be nice and moist.

Once that's done, cover the pot with plastic wrap (not too tightly - you still want a little airflow!) and set in a warm and dark location

Step 4: Wait 2 weeks and watch your cats enjoy!

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